Detroit Lions Betting Guide

Detroit gained its NFL team in 1934 when the Portsmouth Spartans were relocated to the Motor City. They adopted the name Lions to give the city a feline feel alongside the baseball Tigers.

Though the Lions own four NFL Championships, the most recent one came in 1957. Only the Arizona Cardinals have gone longer without winning a title. In fact, since that 1957 title, the Lions have won one postseason game.

While the Lions have played host to a pair of Super Bowl games, the Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. They are the only NFL franchise that’s been eligible for every year of Super Bowl competition that’s never played in the game.

Detroit Lines Strong & Weak Points

Pro sports teams dream of having as fervent and loyal a fan base as the Lions possess. They stick through this team through thick and thin, and to be honest, it’s been mostly thin for the past three generations of Lions football. 

Ford Field, Detroit’s climate-controlled indoor stadium, is a spectacular facility situated in the heart of downtown. The city of Detroit is abuzz with activity on Sundays in the fall when the Lions are home. 

Consistency is the perennial hobgoblin of Lions football. The Lions are the type of team that will win games they should lose and lose games they should win, making them a difficult team to bet. 

In 2020, the Lions became the first team in NFL history to blow double-digit fourth-quarter leads and lose in four successive games. Finding an online sportsbook that offers an early cash-out option might be a worthwhile investment if you insist on betting on Lions football. 

Best Players Of All Time

In Detroit Lines glory years the Lions were led by players like Doak Walker, Bobby Layne and Yale Lary. Joe Schmidt was a star linebacker who later coached the team. Alex Karras went from feared defensive lineman to TV and film star. Lem Barney was one of the finest cornerbacks in NFL history.

More recently, Billy Sims and Barry Sanders were dominant running backs. Sanders holds the NFL’s single-season rushing mark. Calvin Johnson set the league’s single-season standard for receiving yardage. 

Where To See Lions Schedules

To find out when and where the Lions play their next game, go to or, where the schedule is readily accessible. Traditionally, the Lions play the first game of the day every year on Thanksgiving. It’s been that way since the 1930s. 

The Lions will also play six games against their NFC North Division rivals each season. In these sorts of rivalry games, you can often throw the form charts out the window.  

Best Sports Betting Sites & Detroit Lines Bet Types in Michigan

If you’re already a fan of the Lions, why not get in on the action while watching the team? Top online betting sites such as FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM and William Hill all offer the latest odds on the next Lions game.

Football betting offers three distinct methods to wager on games. You can bet the moneyline, meaning you’ll pick a winner and if that team wins the game, your bet cashes. Point spread wagering assigns a handicap to one team and a bonus to the other. For example, if the Lions were minus-3 against the Minnesota Vikings, that means the Lions would need to win the game by at least four points in order for your bet to be a winner.

Total wagering doesn’t take into account which team wins the game. It’s a wager on the final score of the game. A sportsbook will assign a total score to every game. Say for that Lions-Vikings game the total was 56. You bet on either the over or under on the total. If you play the over, the score would need to add up to more than 56. An under play would require a total final score under 56 points.

The Lions aren’t always the most successful franchise, so sometimes, prop wagers on the team are the best option. Rather than betting the Lions to win, play a specific player to accumulate a level of statistics in the game. Bet on which team will score first, or what type of score it will be – touchdown, field goal or safety.  

What To Consider When Predicting Lions Games

There are several factors to consider when picking Lions games. Are they home or away this weekend? If they’re coming back from their bye week, will the team be rested or rusty? 

Has it been a short week in terms of preparation for either team due to a Monday Night Football appearance the previous week? Or perhaps one of the teams is well-rested, coming off an appearance in the Thursday Night Football game the previous week.The NFL is the most bettor-friendly sport in North America. Injury lists are mandated to be up to date and accurate.

The league will fine teams that fudge an injury report. The NFL even issues daily lists of whether or not injured players are participating in practice. This enables bettors to get a gauge on when a key ailing player might be close to returning to action.

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