Amwager Michigan Review & Promo Code
Amwager Horse Racing Betting Site in Michigan
Amwager Michigan $100 Bonus. Promo Code: AMGAMBLER
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Sign up with the promo code, deposit $100 to receive a 100% match up bonus $100.

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Amwager Bonus: Sign up with the promo code, deposit $100 to receive a 100% match up bonus $100.

Amwager Michigan Review & Promo Code

Michigan players are allowed to register to Amwager to get early access when they will launch the platform in Michigan. You must be 21 years old or older to sign-up.

Amwager MI Bonus Offer

AmWager offers a sign-up deposit match worth 100%, up to $100.

  • Open an account with Amwager from Michigan
  • Use promo code during registration
  • Claim $100 promo by depositing $100 and placing your bet

Alternatively, you can enter a promo code and claim Bonus Cash Back when they bet a sufficient amount during their first 30-day period. You will also be able to earn real cash when you refer a friend and both of you make a wager.

Plus, you can join the Cash Rewards Program and earn a percentage of your wager as cashback.

There are five reward levels at AmWager. Bronze offers a 2% cashback with no minimum betting amount. You’ll earn 3% cashback in the Silver level for betting $500 a month. Hit the Titanium level and bet over $80,000 a year and you can earn a bespoke cashback amount.

AmWager is a handicapping and horse race betting website available in the United States. It operates under a licence from the Oregon Racing Commission, but also holds separate gaming licences in New York State, Wyoming, Kentucky, Montana, and Idaho.

Gamblers in Michigan can also sign up and open an online AmWager account to place bets and earn Cash Rewards. As well as making pari-mutuel bets on horse races across the US, AmWager lets you access live video replays and study a full history of race results.

Registration Process

AmWager is currently restricted to players in Michigan. However, when Michigan gamblers are allowed to sign up, the registration process will be smooth and straightforward.

To register, you must be over 21 and must pass the relevant ID checks. You will need to provide a valid email address and create a unique password to login.

Once you click the verification link, you will be able to access video streams and results. However, to make deposits and make bets, you will need to provide certain details:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Last 4 digits of SSN

Loyalty and VIP

There is a cash reward system program run by the online site. This system pays a reasonable percentage of your wagering activity back into your account. The amount of payback is directly proportional to how active you are with your wagering activities on the site. The cash back percentage runs from as low as 2% payback to as high as a 5% payback, with some users getting the advantage of a custom deal payback depending on their activity level.

With Amwager MI, there is an incentive for every customer on the platform. For first time sign ups, there is an ongoing signup bonus available to users. The signup bonus is in 2 categories;

  • The $100 deposit match; with a specific promo code, the first deposit gets a match bonus earning. You however earn based on the amount of your initial deposit. Therefore, to earn the maximum $100 bonus, you have to have an initial deposit of $100.
  • The $500 bonus cash back; this bonus works by earning a 10% cash back on every eligible dollar for the initial 30 days after signup. Money from cancelled wagers, show wagers, refunded and place wagers are not considered eligible for this return cash back. The cash back is however asides the cash rewards, referrals and the win bonuses.

To get your bonuses, you have to sign up entering your promo codes, make a bet and your bonus will be automatically deposited into your account. Bonus money has to be wagered before withdrawal of the money from player’s account.

Also available is the referral program where you get to earn by referring a friend. This work by

  • Sharing your referral link to a friend for sign up.
  • Earning the sum of $25 when your friend bets with a minimum of $100.

Your friend also earns an instant $25 by making use of your link.

Asides these, there are other bonuses that come up at intervals for users. This will only be available to active users though.

Payments and Banking Options

Amwager MI provides different deposit and withdrawal options, leaving their users with the options of picking their best bets of payment mode.

Supported payment types

Accepted deposit modes include;

  • Bank transfers
  • Payment via checks
  • Payments using Neteller
  • e-wallet services; PayNearMe at different locations.
  • Bitcoin
  • Green Dot
  • PayGarden

Accepted modes of withdrawal includes;

  • Bank transfers
  • Withdrawal through checks
  • Using Neteller.

Credit cards are also accepted as a means of payment, although it will involve additional charges on specific services such as credit card deposits and the likes. Likewise, every of these payment modes have their different terms and conditions, so being familiar with your best bet will be great.

Minimum and maximum deposit

The deposit sums have varying minimum and maximum rates depending on the platform used by the user.

With bank transfers, checks and money orders, there is no specific amount for minimum and maximum deposits, there is also no fee attached to it.

Using the PayNearMe and GreenDot channel, there is a minimum deposit amount of $20 and maximum deposit amount of $500. Attached is a charge fee of $.99 for PayNearMe and $4.99 for GreenDot.

Skrill and Bitcoin has a minimum rate of $25 and a maximum of $1000, with Skrill having no charge fee while Bitcoin has a fee of 1%.

There is no specified amount for minimum and maximum withdrawals for users on the platform. There is also no specified time for deposit and withdrawal. These features make the site a flexible one for its users.

Available Markets & Features

AmWager accepts bets on nearly 500 tracks including thoroughbred and standardbred racing in the US. Greyhound racing is also permitted through the AmWager online betting platform.

Making bets is easy: simply choose a racing track, event, and race. Then, check the available pools and runners to bet on. You can view all current bets under the ‘Active Bets’ tab, or view your winning and losing wagers via the ‘Closed Bets’ tab.

Horse Racing Betting

AmWager offers Michigan horse bettors pooled betting on thousands of horse races. You will have four types of Straight Bet to choose from including:

  • Win
  • Place
  • Show
  • Across the Board

You can also choose high-risk ‘exotic bets’ involving multiple horses. These include vertical bets like the Exacta, Quinella, and Trifecta, where you must predict the exact outcome of a race.

Vertical wagers at AmWager include:

  • Exacta: Predict the first and second place horses in exact order
  • Trifecta: Predict the first, second and third place horses in exact order
  • Quinella: Predict first and second place horses in any order
  • Superfecta: Predict the top four horses in exact order
  • Super High Five: Predict the top five finishers in exact order
  • Hexafecta: Predict the top six finishing horses in exact order

You can also bet on Boxed Bets and Wheel Bets. A boxed bet is a wager on your horses finishing in any order. A Wheel involves betting on different horses for various finishing positions.

Dutch Wagering: AmWager facilitates Dutch Wagering on all horse races. You are allowed to customize your own bet from lots of separate wagers.

Greyhound Racing: Online pari-mutuel bets are also permitted on greyhound racing at AmWager. Some states restrict greyhound race betting, so it’s not known right now whether Michigan will follow the same route.

ABC Betting: AmWager Horse Racing also offers a unique ABC betting system. This lets you handicap your selections across different betting levels, all on one ticket.

Live Streams: AmWager offers free streams of live horse races around the US. You can also watch historical races from the past few years.

Mobile App

For easier access and operations, Amwager also has available a mobile app for their customers. This application provides bettors with easy access to their games. It has a friendly user interface and is easy to navigate for operations.

Also available on the mobile app are other information such as access to general details about the market, and other help information. All these are necessary to ensure users have a seamless experience using the site.

The Amwager mobile app is available for use on both android smartphones and the iOS platform, thereby making it versatile. It can be downloaded directly on the website, from the app store.

For users that are not interested in getting the mobile app, the website is fully available and functional, giving them the same seamless experience of use.

Security and Trust

As with other online betting games, licensing of the platform is of utmost importance as you could be considered an illegal bettor in the state. Amwager MI is fully available in the united states and is fully licensed by the Oregon racing commission. Asides this it also holds other licenses in Montana, Kentucky, Wyoming and Idaho states.

As such, it is legal for this site is open for bettors in Michigan to sign up and place their bets to earn cash rewards, without no restrictions. The only clause to using the platform is that the user must be at least 21 years of age and you must also possess a valid identity check to wager.

Payments made on the platform are also not excludes as they are fully protected using the SSL certificates and other securities. All transactions on the site are fully encrypted using newest advanced methods. There are also multiple levels of systems such as gateways, intrusion prevention systems and firewalls to help protect all users and the platform itself. All these are done considering the best interest of the gamblers.

Customer Support

Access to customer support is another feature which is of high importance to Amwager Michigan. As such, customer service is available to players all the days of the week, however with a slight variation.

Customer service is available from Sunday to Thursday from the hours of 12 noon to 9pm, however these hours are slightly extended on Fridays and Saturdays for an hour, making it from the hours of 12 noon to 10pm.

At present, live chat available to customers. So customer service is only made available through phone by calling 877.767.4445 or by contacting them via email at Response via these means is known to be very efficient and also quite fast-paced.

There is also a whole section dedicated to ‘frequently asked questions’ on their website. These section is a very detailed one, providing answers to a lot of commonly asked questions by users and intending users.

Rating conclusion

With Amwager MI, you are assured of a player focused online horse racing platform that choose the best interest of its users. The platform is user friendly, and easy to navigate. Benefits of using the racing site includes, but is not limited to;

  • Easy registration and sign up
  • Live streaming and real time data updates available to users.
  • Great customer support and service system,
  • Cash rewards and promotions available to users intermittently.
  • Safe means of payment options. Secure and encrypted payment means.
  • US operational, fully licensed and regulated by regulatory body.

As a result of these numerous advantages listed above, the Amwager Michigan platform is one of the most highly rated racing sites available in the United States. The site has been rated an overall RATING OF 4/5 on the betting USA platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amwager online site available in Michigan?

The Amwager online racing site is available in the united states but is not fully legal in all states. Unfortunately, Michigan is one of the states in which the site isn’t available.

What are the banking options at Amwager MI?

Available to users on this platform are different payment options such as direct bank transfers, money orders and checks, Skrill, PayNearMe, Bitcoin, Neteller, GreenDot and PaygGarden. These different options have their different conditions and fees attached to them. More info is made available on the online site.

Does operator have a mobile app?

Yes! There is a mobile app available for users of the Amwager MI. the mobile app is available for download in the official website and it can be used on both the android smartphone and iOS platforms. This mobile app is easy to access and navigate. Asides the mobile app, operations are also fully functional on the mobile website.

Photo by Carlee Dittemore on Unsplash