What are straight bets?


While there are many different types of bets on any game offered by Michigan sports betting operators, the easiest way to place wagers on a match would be to place a straight bet, or singles bet.

It just means you bet on one outcome of any game, and if it wins, you win your bet.

For example, when the Detroit Lions took on the Chicago Bears in the recent National Football League opener, the Lions were -1.5 on the point spread to win the game at -110 (bet $110 to win $100).

They were also -130 on the money line, which means you just bet them straight up to win the contest with no point spread: since there are no added points, you must pay a premium to bet a favorite.

However, if you bet the underdog, in this case the Bears, you would get them at a premium: +140 here (bet $100 to win $140, so you get $240 back; your $100 plus $140 in winnings).

The Lions were winning the whole game, but then ended up losing 27-23. If you took the Bears on either a straight bet point spread +1.5 or money line +140, you would have won your straight bet.

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